2. BAADSHAH TECHNOLOGY: Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it

3. BAADSHAH ENTREPRENEURS: If the challenge exists, so must the solution.

4. BAADSHAH BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: Compassion is so often the solution


Quality Services: "The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients."

Valuable Ideas: Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes

Budget-Friendly: Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.     



Support 24/7: People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care as we do 24/7 support 


Our Mission,

Values and Motto: we have many kinds of solved investigations we provide world-class investigations and with total live discussion bit to bit reports available.



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1. Educational universities cases, 

2. financial institutions, 

3. governments in the case of information and technology,

4. private banks,

5. matrimonial detective, Secret Investigation Agency Post Matrimonial Detectives services like divorce investigation services, extramarital services, etc.,

6. post-employment verification, pre-employment verification, employee theft, Undercover operations and Background checks investigations, etc., 

7. All kinds of software requirements

 8. Business interference, Asset verification cases, Surveillance verification, Undercover operation, 9. Kingserviceman, Black Magic, grey magic, white magic all kinds of solutions we have, 

10. General items-food technology which includes medicines, Electronics and its Technotronic's at reasonable prices, 

11. dating chat, 

12. interior designers with reasonable prices

What we bring to you

1.       Educational universities student case fees: 100$-1000$/- if an individual mystery surrounds by himself even if it is done by others maximum those cases will be solved by us, even they have life-threatening (or end) lives it is difficult to think even as people. We will be solving these cases as many influential legal minds will set for many decades listening to the words of mystery present, past may help you follow as a righteous path.

if a student doesn’t get justice anywhere he/her case will be taken by us and see that the student and their parents get justice here with us 99% will be solved and the remaining will be dependent on the person who has been dragged for all these situations.

There is a sense of mystery that surrounds these individuals. They have life appointments and the power to change (or end) lives. It can be even difficult to think of them even as people. Regardless of liberal or conservative leanings, these are the influential legal minds that have and will set the course of U.S. justice for decades. Listening to the words of justices past and present may help you follow a more righteous path.

"A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company."


2.       Financial institutions case fees:-500$-1000$- All financial institutional cases will be solved by us if it is righteous to the law and justice.

A financial institution has the task of taking risks, and if it's a well-run institution - it tries to cover the potential losses to itself, but only to itself.

These global financial institutions see an opportunity in united even in the mindset of the ongoing brutally competitive industry environment.


3.       Governments in case of information and technology case fees: 2500$/- any major victim cases of information technology will be handled by us in presence of law and justice. To make it under control and to get an individual its own right 

Information technology has been one of the leading drivers of globalization, and it may also become one of its major victims.

"We are at a time right now where the sharing of information is more important than ever before. We practice very open business models, open-source code licensing, open data, maybe open cars with connected vehicles that have to be built more modular, we need to train artificial intelligence with data, we have various new models of data monetization that have really jumped progress in the information technology sector.

And so there is a lot of sharing going on and it’s being encouraged and is necessary for certain business purposes. And now, this law restricts the sharing with very expansive disclosure obligations and also requirements to give individuals a choice whether the data is being shared under the circumstances. And companies have to prepare for this."



4.    private banks case fees:2500$/- private bank cases will be solved by us if and only if it is genuine to the justice as inflation and deflations are the major causes of private banks.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

5. Matrimonial detective, Secret Investigation, Post Matrimonial Detectives services like divorce investigation services, extramarital services, etc: 1500$/- All kinds of matrimonial cases will be solved.

Arranged marriages I think make a lot of sense because you’re not under the pressure of being in love. It’s an easy contract. You don’t have to like each other and then, whatever happens, happens. 

6.     software solutions and their requirements:100$-4500$/- All kinds of software and its solution has been got any issue that issue will be solved by us.

has grown into an international enterprise application development service with wide-emerging expertise in all areas needed for reliable software development.

System spy software is capable of recording all information, history, and activities. These are really powerful surveillance software that allows you to discreetly monitor any mobile device. The spy software can track all internet histories, passwords to accounts logged on the device, social media, and networking activities, etc.

Record internet browsing history and maintain a log

 Tracking activities on all social media portals on the internet.

 Checking all programs on the computer to track anti-social activities.

 Recording all passwords and blocking obscene websites.


7. Business interference fees:1000$/-Interference with Business Relations is a type of tort wherein a third party intentionally acts to cause one party in a business related to violating business relations with the other. 

Basics of Interference

The defendant in one of these cases is the person who interfered with the contract. Interference can happen in many ways, including:

  • Unethical business practices
  • Blackmail
  • Inducement
  • Force

There are two types of victims in an interference case. The first is the entity damaged by the broken contract. The second is the person who is forced into breaking the contract. Either party can bring a lawsuit.

Interference cases are extremely complicated. To be eligible for a lawsuit, there are certain elements that must be present in your situation. These include:

  • A legal contract or financial relationship
  • The defendant knows about the contractor relationship.
  • The defendant's goal was to interfere with the contractor relationship.
  • Actual interference occurred.
  • The interference is inappropriate.
  • The victims suffered damage.

Cases missing one of these issues usually do not make it to court.

Contract or Relationship

Interference claims require that the victims are involved in a legal contract or have a business relationship. However, these ties must have been valid. Relationships that were never legalized are not valid so they aren't the basis for an interference claim. If a relationship violates public law, it is not a valid basis for an interference claim.

Some cases involve at-will contracts. This adds complications. Even though a contract can be dissolved at will, interference can still occur. This is especially true if the defendant knew about the contract.


A successful claim depends on proving the defendant knew about the relationship. This is usually shown in written statements or proven through the actions of the defendant. If the defendant can prove they didn't know about the relationship, interference cannot have occurred.

It's possible the defendant did not believe the relationship was valid, which led them to believe they were not interfering. However, legally speaking, they may still have interfered.

Goal to Interfere

The intent is key in interference cases. The intent of the defendant must be proven to win these claims. This means they either intentionally interfered or they performed some other action knowing that interference was a likely result. However, intent doesn't always mean guilt. It's possible for a legal business action to result in interference, which does not serve as the basis for a claim.

Real Interference

Victims must prove that actual interference occurred. If the defendant tried to interfere but failed, so will the claim.

The Interference Was Inappropriate

Not all interference is illegal or immoral. It must be proven that the defendant interfered improperly. For example, if the defendant intended to interfere with a business relationship as punishment for other actions, this is improper. There are many issues used to decide if the interference was improper. These include:

  • The motive of the party that interfered
  • Interests of the party that interfered
  • How the interference occurred
  • The victim's interests
  • The nature of the broken relationship or contract
  • If there is any social interest in preserving the relationship
  • If the actions of the defendant meant to cause interference
  • Damages that occurred

If interference is proven, two types of damages are available. The first is legal damages. This includes economic and punitive types. It is also possible to receive equitable relief. This is when a court order prevents the defendant from benefiting from wrongful actions.

Economic Injury

Tortuous interference falls under the category of economic injury. There are two types of injury that interference causes. The first, as mentioned, is a broken contract. The other type is damage to a business relationship. This does not always involve a contract. All that matters in these cases is that the defendant interfered with the relationship between the victims and that this caused damage.

The main difference between these two injuries is the contract. However, both forms of interference are eligible for a claim.

Exceptions for Interest

There are limits to interference in certain states. In Mississippi, for example, interference has not happened if it was in pursuit of a legitimate business interest. This is called 'privileged interference'. In one such case, a school superintendent sent out letters to a voice teacher's students stating that private lessons must be discontinued. The letters were deemed legitimate because the teacher worked for the school system.

It is also important to understand that not all damages count as interference. For example, if a business is able to attract another business's customers, this can cause damage. However, this is not interference. It is only a normal part of business competition. The exception is when one business makes false claims about another. This is interference and may result in a successful claim.

Although interference laws are similar in most states, there are differences. Some states have a higher threshold for evidence. Others give more rights to the defendant. For instance, some states don't consider it interference if it was a result of negligence. In addition, interference does not usually apply to at-will employees.

Interference Terminology

Many people are confused by interference laws because it's a complicated term. For example, plaintiffs may come across the term 'tortfeasor'. This is simply the legal term for the person that interfered. 'Tort' is another term to understand. Interference cases are part of tort law instead of contract law. This is because the third party was not involved in the contract. 


Asset verification fees:1000$/- Asset verification is concerned with testing the truth, Asset Audit is incomplete without Asset verification, An auditor can check that items appearing in the balance sheet are correct. There are many techniques that can help the auditor verify assets and liabilities. The assets are purchased to run a business properly.


1. PHYSICAL EXISTENCE. The technique of verification is checking the existence of assets, The assets must have a physical existence in some sort of moveable or immovable property. The auditor can count, measure, examine and inspect for verification of various assets.

2. PROPER VALUATION: The technique of verification is the valuation of an asset. There are fixed and circulating assets. Management does the valuation process. The auditor can check the value assigned to each asset. The audit staff can examine the arithmetical accuracy.

3. OWNERSHIP OF BUSINESS. The technique of verification is the determination of ownership. The asset must be owned by the business. The receipt, vouchers agreement, and deeds can help to note the title of ownership. The asset must be held in the name of the business.

4. POSSESSION WITH BUSINESS. The technique of verification checking the possession of The asset cashier The may assets should be cash while being in the possession of management. An officer may hold stock in trade. The auditor should physically check the assets in the custody of various employees.

5. FREE FROM ON ASSETS CHARGE. When The loan technique is taken off the verification assets are transferred to the examination in the charge name of lenders. The auditor should check that assets are free. In case of borrowing, he can examine the need to note the charge.

6. PURCHASED FOR BUSINESS. The technique of verification is to check the purchase. The assets must be purchased in the name of the company. The documents can show the name of the company. The assets must not be held in the name of any employee.

7. ADEQUATE DISCLOSURE. The technique of verification is the adequate disclosure of assets and liabilities. All assets and liabilities can be stated under their proper heading, Even the contingent liabilities are also disclosed for information.


Surveillance verification:

Adding video surveillance and alarm verification as part of your security system offers important benefits:

·        Eliminate false alarms

·        Reduce response times.

·        Help prevent crimes in progress with real-time alerts sent to mobile applications via push notifications.

·        Provide visual evidence in the event of insurance claims.

We offer verification of alarm activations via the Internet or GPRS (mobile network) as part of video monitoring of your site.

Not only will the system detect the presence of an intruder, but when the camera is activated, it takes a video clip – which enables us to confirm the cause. An Infra-Red (IR) camera is required for night vision.

Alarm verification enables rapid response from Police and Patrol services – as the alarm activation is a confirmed situation.

We offer this functionality on various systems we supply and install, including the Videofied range with mobile phone App below


Undercover operation: Transparency

An investigation of court decisions shows that the objections put forward by lawyers against undercover operations are usually rejected by judges. Transparent reporting by the police and the Public Prosecution Service – and the insight into undercover operations that are provided to judges as a result – plays an important role in that context.

Post-employment verification, pre-employment verification, employee theft, undercover operations and Background checks investigations, etc fees


9. Kingserviceman (service to the king as service to the society 1000$ per month)-if any kings need the service he/they will be given our service with all kinds of needs and necessities.


the title may refer to the ruler of one of a number of modern monarchies (either absolute or constitutional). The title of king is used alongside other titles for monarchs: in the West, emperor, grand prince, prince, archduke, duke or grand duke, and in the Islamic world, malik, sultan, emir or hakim, etc and the protector of the king is called Kingsman or kings servicemen.


10. Black Magic, grey magic, white magic all kinds of solutions we have:1000$/-BEN-10 will solve all kinds of magic’s which is related to physically or mentally attached in their daily life and in that cases many are been dragged to different courts and justices will be solved with different mechanics and types of equipment.

Many kinds of magic are available because of that person's death and living is possible to a maximum extent even science has no valued answer to it but we have proof to the maximum extent. 

Different physical behaviors of a human body have their own magic so we have solutions to different magic at different levels of points.


11. General items-food technology which includes medicines, Electronics gadgets, and Technotronic: 50$ lifetime membership will be imported and exported at different corners of the world.


12. Interior designers with reasonable prices bookmark:100$-10000$-A-Z interior works can book it before its traditional style ends.




About us:

we deal with different kinds of investigations and policies and our clients are widely spread in almost in General items-food technology, universities, financial institutions, governments in case of information and technology, private banks, since our inceptions almost two decades ago, we have many kinds of solved investigations we provide world-class investigations and with total live discussion bit to bit reports available.


Baadshah enterprises:

                       Private investigators represent an important component of modern justice systems. This chapter examines the evolving nature of their work, alongside issues of ethics and conduct, law and regulation, cultural representations, and the social impact associated with the expansion and diversification of the sector. A major argument of the chapter is that private investigators in many countries serve an essential function in supplying a demand for law enforcement and crime prevention that is not adequately met by the public sector. Government regulation is necessary to minimize unethical practices, but there is also a case for giving licensed investigators special powers to access information and obtain evidence in the pursuit of justice for their clients.


                             matrimonial detective, Secret Investigation Agency Post Matrimonial Detectives services like divorce investigation services, extramarital services, etc. We also offer corporate services like post-employment verification, pre-employment verification, employee theft, Undercover operations and Background checks investigations, etc

                         We deliver services that incorporate pre and post matrimonial investigation, Educational universities cases, financial institutions, governments in case of information and technology, private banks, matrimonial detectives, Secret Investigation Agency Post Matrimonial Detectives services like divorce investigation services, extramarital services, etc., post-employment verification, pre-employment verification, employee theft, Undercover operations and Background checks investigations, etc., All kinds of software’s each cost, Business interference, Asset verification cases, Surveillance verification, Undercover operation, King-serviceman, Black Magic, grey magic, white magic all kinds of solutions we have, General items-food technology which includes medicines, Electronics and its Technotronic's at reasonable prices, dating chat, interior designers with reasonable prices 


 and much more

As child custody investigation, surveillance investigation, etc. we provide ethical diversifications in all areas along with all kinds Softwares of we provide